Stanisława Zaryna 2b bldg. C, entrance from the st. Biały Kamień, Warszawa

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday 12:00-22:00


+48 516 567 561

About us


We are a highly regarded restaurant located in Warsaw’s Mokotów, on Biały Kamień street.

We specialize in crazy culinary adventures, delicious cocktails and unique wines. Spacious and modern indoors filled with green plants, comfy sofas and unrepeatable atmosphere, encourage to lengthen your romantic dinner with us to the limit.

In our dishes we travel from Morocco to the United Kingdom. We take care of all the details possible, when it comes to our cooking. Every ingredient is being prepared in our restaurant, based on your grandma’s recipes.

After dusk we become an intimate cocktail bar, in which you can taste all the goods from our set of wines and other liquors. Our bartenders prepare original drinks, which are meant to surprise you every time you have them.

You can get to us by the subway, you can come on foot from Pole Mokotowskie or simply arrive in your car, we offer reserved parking spaces.

Casablanca; The Joy of Life!


There are lots of occasions for celebration.


We choose those that are most important, interesting, and intriguing. We offer you the chance to have a calm, family dinner with your loved ones, to throw a big birthday party, to dance, or to try our special Set Menu. You can find all the information about upcoming events by signing to our newsletter, or simply, by liking our Facebook page. Stay up-to-date with us!



We offer home delivery through websites: and


If you would like to organise a meeting, or a party at our place; then contact us! We will prepare full catering, service, and take care of every detail that will make your event very special!


We knew from the beginning that we want to do impossible things for you! So if you are interested in our remarkable service, dial: 516 567 561 or e-mail us:


Telephone: +48 516 567 561